Why Loupes

Best Magnification Solutions for Your Eyes

Why use loupes?  If your reading this you are not alone in asking this question.  There are countless reasons as to why you want to use loupes but some of the most significant are as follows:


Magnification is one of the main reasons that people choose to use loupes. Many healthcare providers find that they are more confident and need to perform their procedures with the aid of optical magnification. It is startling to many how much easier the magnification makes it to do their job effectively!

Less neck, back and shoulder strain :

Some of the leading causes of shortened careers in the medical/dental industry are neck and back strain. Loupes help you to maintain correct ergonomic positions to lengthen your career and reduce your pain and discomfort. This is another reason why loupes are such a great value. They help you practice longer with less fatigue.

Less Eye Strain:

Quality loupes allow you to focus clearly on the area that you are working on. They will allow you to easily see the small, dark areas that you are fixing. Those who use loupes understand that it is much easier on the eyes while working with magnification.

Better Illumination:

When coupling loupes with a light, you will find that those dim, dark areas that you are focusing on are easily and brightly illuminated. Where ever you look is where the light shines. This will allow you to quickly and easily maintain your flow of work without having to move your hands to adjust overhead lights. Allowing you to complete more procedures faster!  Many are surprised to learn that the illumination is just as beneficial as the magnification!  Nearly every pair of Epic Loupes is sold with a light.