My name is Dr Chad Roskelley.  I have used loupes from the largest manufactures in the country. Recently I switched from Designs for Vision.  My Epic loupes are clearer, lighter-weight and more comfortable than Designs for Vision.  I love that they use quality frames and magnifiers.  They have the best light that I have come across.  I purchased the loupes, headlight and an extra battery pack.  I saved about $1000 over the competitors.  It’s refreshing to know that there’s a reputable company that gives dentists a great value.  I now refer all my associates to Epic Loupes. Side note, my staff is very good at acting as gate keepers to keep the sales reps from interrupting my day.  My staff loves Epic Loupes, it’s probably because Epic brings them fresh cut flowers and boxes of chocolates.  Epic knows what they are doing!
Dr Chad Roskelley
June 07, 2016
My name is Dr Eric Lowry.  I purchased a pair of Epic Loupes.  They replaced my previous loupes from Orascoptic.  Epic loupes are much more comfortable.  The image quality is outstanding.  These loupes have a better depth of field than my previous ones.  I shopped around and saved about 30% on these loupes.
Dr Eric Lowry
June 07, 2016
I am very impressed every time I put on my Epic Loupes.  They are the highest quality; from the designer Oakley frames to the fantastic warranty, Epic has it all.  I love these lots more than my Surgitel flip-ups I got in dental school.  Save yourself the time and hassle of the other loupes companies, just give Epic a call.
Jon Pluid DMD
June 07, 2016
I loved the frame selection that Epic Loupes has.  They are the only ones that have Nike, Oakley and Rudy Project.  I use the Rudy Project frames.  I’ve used Orascoptic in the past and the only difference I can see is that Epic is much more affordable and has the best customer service.  I highly recommend these loupes.
Jayson Clark DDS
June 07, 2016
Epic Loupes offers a quality product at a fantastic price.  They stand behind their product and aren’t as pushy as other companies I’ve worked with.  If you want a fun experience with a quality product then Epic Loupes is your best bet.  The image is very natural and has no visible distortion.  I’ve used loupes for nearly 20 years and love the quality that I get from these loupes.
Taylor Clark DDS
June 07, 2016
As a follow-up, I am very pleased with my Epic Loupes. The optics and light source are superb and, as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, the comfort during long cases is appreciated, particularly when compared to my prior loupes. Most remarkable, however, was your efficient and innovative online fitting and ordering system. As I recall, I received my loupes within 2 or 3 days of my initial online contact
Dr. William Shuffett MD FACS
August 12, 2017