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Dental loupes Nike frame

Nike Frames are used to build Epic Loupes

Epic Loupes currently uses Nike Skylon Frames.  These frames give you the high performance and fashion that you demand as well as the function that you need.  A couple of features include the expanded comfort of the vented nose pads to Nikes own Occipital Wrap Fit design.  These strong, light weight frames will deliver you years of trouble free performance.

Tip: These frames also tend to be a bit wider than others which for some will add comfort, and others might feel loose.

Price:$1697 Now: $1497
Oakley Surgical Loupes

Oakley Frames are used to build Epic Loupes

Oakley Flax Jacket frames because they have been the leader in quality form and function. They display a very fashion-forward concept that also delivers unsurpassed performance. Their wrap around design offers excellent protection along with light weight comfort. These workhorses have been one of our founding frames for our quality loupes.

Price:$1697 Now :$1497
Rudy Frames

Rudy Frames

Please contact us for our rudy frames that we use to make Epic Loupes truly exceptional!

Tip: These frames have adjustable temple tips (extension behind the ears) which can help them feel secure and custom to your face.

Price:$1697 Now:$1497

Light Attachment

LED Light Pack

Many are surprised to learn that the Illumination from this long lasting LED is just as beneficial as the magnification!  Our class leading light is available with all of our frames and offers a lightweight solution to brighten up your working environment.  It has an adjustable intensity up to 60,000 lux!  Almost every pair of loupes today is sold with a light. Extra battery packs are also available, but you may not need it.  These workhorses will last most clinicians through their 12 hour shifts!

This light also has an available UV filter for dental professionals so as not to prematurely cure your composite materials (No extra charge).

Price:$597 Now:$497 (with 1 battery)
Price:$850 Now:$647 (with 2 batteries)



 Magnification Power 2.5x

2.5x is by far the most common magnification for loupes wearers. Whether you are new to loupes or have been using them for years this is likely the best magnification for you. It offers the greatest viewing fields- meaning that you have a greater focus left-to-right, up and down, as well as the greatest depth.


Barrel Magnification Power 3.0x

3.0x is better suited for experienced loupes wearers. This level of magnification is 25% stronger than the 2.5x. It is excellent to really magnify the small, hard to see areas.


Barrel Magnification Power 3.3x

3.3x is Epic Loupes highest level of magnification. These will give you the largest magnified image. We do not recommend this level of magnification for providers that are new to loupes.