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ong line of empty and also master complex life since returned to Beijing, leaving a line of care Qi Rui. Qi Rui eating nutritious meals a day, physical activity slowly, gradually luck pranayama, day after day, they have gone to the New Year s Day, not long been friends and OCA relatives to contact, do not breathe let alone someone else will go out over the world looking he, he was also going to rust. Since the body has visibility of people, Qi Rui think Oracle Certification the hospital. Chapter VII soldiers or thieves when Qi Rui appeared in front of us, when almost everyone has only one question You go to the relief of the victims in Africa do not OCA it exam have to starve yourself so be it, Yingyingyanyan, Qi Rui men and women flocked to welcome into the house, he rushes round and round Qi Rui asked, oh, Qi Rui Touyunnaozhang a time to just fainted, and quickly Gurao loudly said we have nothing quiet slow slow say, give me Xie Hui to be seated Qi Rui, drink some juice breathed, we see Qi Rui does not seem right, then tidy up Du by her mother asks. Qi Rui, you are.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL Oracle OCA
1Z0-031 Oracle9i database:fundamentals i Oracle OCA
1Z0-042 Oracle database 10g:Administration I Oracle OCA
1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert Oracle OCA
1Z0-051 Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals I Oracle OCA
1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL Oracle OCA
1Z0-147 Oracle9i program with pl/sql Oracle OCA
1Z0-301 Oracle9ias:basic Administration Oracle OCA
1Z1-301 Oracle9ias:basic Administration Oracle OCA
CX-310-019 Java Standard Edition 5 and 6, Certified Associate Exam Oracle OCA
CX-310-105 Oracle Solaris Certified Associate Exam Oracle OCA